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Selected Publications


The publications below study two types of algorithms: stream algorithms and cache oblivious algorithms. Stream algorithms are a refinement of systolic algorithms that unleash the performance potential of superchips (stream architectures), an evolutionary step beyond the Raw architecture. Unfortunately, to date, the programming of stream algorithms is very cumbersome. Cache oblivious algorithms, on the contrary, are designed to provide portable performance with reasonable programming effort by minimizing the number of data transfers within a memory hierarchy without knowing implementation parameters like the cache size. Cache oblivious algorithms work well for applications that exhibit temporal locality.


Computer Systems

This section covers a mixed bag of topics related to computer architecture, networks, and operating systems.


Distributed Systems/Grid Computing

This section offers studies on several key technologies for reliable parallel computing in clusters and the Internet, often called grid computing these days. An earlier set of results on parallel molecular sequence analysis was awarded the first prize of the Mannheim SuparCup ( Computerwoche Artikel in Deutsch) in 1993.

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