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Grid Computing

No. Type ECTS Time Room Lecturer
366.851 VO 3 Mo. 13:45-15:15
K 269D
366.853 UE 1.5 Mo. 15:30-16:15
K 269D
366.854 UE 1.5 Mo. 16:15-17:00 K 269D


Paul Heinzlreiter

Sylva Girtelschmid


The lecture will start on 5.10.2009.

Introduction to the practical session will take place during the lecture time - i.e. there will be no practical session on the first day.

Next Exam (last one for this semester):

10:15 - 11:45
HS 7

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Results of the exam from 25.1.2010

Results of the exam from 2.3.2010

Results of the exam from 14.4.2010


This lecture will provide an overview of Grid Computing, including application areas, methods applied, as well as grid middleware implementations and functionality.

During the exercises students will work with grid middleware and grid-based software including relevant aspects of software development.

Material for Download

Date Lecture Slides
5.10. Vorbesprechung,
General Information, Assignment 1,
Paper for Exercise 1
12.10. Sicherheit
RSA, Assignment 2
19.10. Einführung 1
X.509, Assignment 3, testFiles
9.11. Globus Toolkit 2
MyProxy-CoGKit, before Assignment 4,
Groups, Certificates, Assignment 4
16.11. Einführung 2
Review: assignment 3
Q&A: assignment 4
Please note mailing list entries!
23.11. Web Services, gLite
Web Services
30.11. Unicore, Arc
gLite Tutorial - group 1
Tutorial slides, Tutorial files
Setup for Assignment 5, Assignment 5
Late submissions of Assignment 4
Standardisierung, Anwendungen,
gLite Tutorial - group 2
Due date for Assignment 5: 9.12.
(Read the 'Submission Rules'
entry in the mailing list!)
14.12. P-GRADE Portal - all groups - SLIDES
Presented by Dr. Jozsef Kovacs
from Hungarian Academy of Sciences
P-GRADE Portal hands on - group 1
(Dr. J. Kovacs)
Assignment 6, Assignment 7
11. 1.
Cloud Computing
PGRADE Portal hands on - group 2
18. 1.
Service-Oriented Architectures
PGRADE Portal hands on - group 3
25. 1.
Final Exam (see above)
no class

Relevant Publications

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